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The floor is one of the most image-defining factors in the interior. There are many factors involved in making the right choice. When you opt for a Therdex LVT floor, you are getting a top product in all respects in which sustainability plays a major role.


Phthalates are plasticisers. This group of chemicals are colourless, odourless viscous liquids. By adding a plasticiser to our LVT floors, the panels become more flexible, making it easier to lay the floor. The phthalates move through the space like condensation. When these phthalates become airborne, they can be harmful to your health. That's why we chose to keep Therdex floors free of phthalates, and use organic plasticisers.


In order to produce a good LVT floor, we add plasticisers to LVT. Plasticisers are used to make plastics elastic. These plasticisers should not pose a risk to human health. Therefore, there are strict requirements for the use of a number of plasticisers. Therdex uses organic plasticisers, the so-called isoborbide plasticisers. This is an organic plasticiser made from sorbitol and fatty acids. By building the plasticisers from sustainable soybean oil, they are biodegradable. During the production process, this soybean oil is non-polluting. As a result, our floors are certified with the ECO+ certificate.


Delivering a top-notch product also involves caring for the environment. The environment belongs to all of us, everywhere in the world. We should handle it with care. This is why we place great importance on testing and approving our products. Naturally, our products comply with the mandatory labels, but in addition to these mandatory labels, we also have our products tested at test institutes that are not mandatory.