The floor is the ultimate mood-setter and provides the space with the right character. In addition, the floor provides years of comfort. Everyone feels at home in a different interior, from Scandinavian to industrial. Discover the different living styles and start with a good floor as a foundation to make your house a true home.


Simplicity and comfort provide a good basis for a basic living style. Add comfort to the space by sticking to a natural colour palette. Long boards give a timeless effect to the space. Powerful through simplicity.


The art of a classic living style is to alternate design and rugged materials with classic colours. Finish the space with a floor with border (optionally with piping). This finish looks classic and adds an extra exclusive effect.


Serenity and class characterise the modern living style. Clean lines and prominent objects attract attention by using neutral colours such as black, white, beige or gray. To maintain this unity, light oak floors fit perfectly in the modern-styled rooms.


Inspired by homes from Scandinavia, where the days are fairly short, lots of light in the interior is considered very important. The use of a minimalist look combined with soft colours and natural materials creates a larger and especially light space.


The uncluttered luxurious look with the use of high-quality materials is pleasing to the eye. The use of soft velvet fabrics combined with materials such as marble and brass are a must-have in this style. Thanks to the use of a herringbone floor, just like the rest of the materials and colours, the room comes to life.


Robust is the keyword for an industrial living style. This style makes extensive use of raw materials such as metal and has construction details. A tough concrete look floor completes the atmosphere.


Pure nature. Basic materials create atmosphere, warmth and a certain austerity. The simple design allows the space to speak for itself. Find balance between colours, shapes and lines and play with the contrast between open and closed, then a rural living style will never get boring.


Dare to surprise with exotic prints, rich materials, a touch of vintage and, above all, lots of warmth. Stray from the beaten path and opt for a colourful and unique living style. This mix of styles comes from different parts of the world. Seal this style by using a dark floor as a starting point.


Beautiful lines, iconic furniture and carefully finished details characterise the bold eclectic living style. Original patterns and textures give the desired space an exceptional character. The Design series fits in well with this. The design of this floor is surprising and innovative.