LVT is a hard and brittle product and is based on petroleum (43%) and salt (57%). Adding plasticisers makes the LVT flexible. It is strong and lightweight. It can also be easily recycled, as it can be processed in many different ways. Would you like to learn more about the structure of LVT or about sustainability? The pages below provide more information

Therdex LVT floors have true-to-life patterns and are available in herringbone, long planks, chevron and tiles. All our products consist of 4 layers, namely: the PU layer, the wear layer, the film layer and the LVT backing.

The PU layer gives the plank extra protection and ensures the right mattness of LVT. The wear layer protects the floor from intensive use and makes it scratch-resistant. The film layer is the floor's print. It reveals the colour and structure of the floor. The LVT backing is the lowest part of the floor. This backing provides the strength of the floor and the right sound absorption.


Dryback LVT is a bonded floor. This bonded floor is sound dampening and very maintenance friendly. A leveled subfloor is very important for installing a dryback floor. Dryback is suitable for intensive domestic use, but also for project applications.

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Rigid Click is a smart mounting solution and eliminates the need for glue. The planks or tiles are easily clicked together with a reliable Uniclic click system.

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