The Design series is unique because of the various patterns. The original patterns and textures add exceptional character to any space. The design of this series is surprising and innovative.

Type dryback
Embossing universal embossed
Dimension planks 23x152 cm
Content 10 pcs. | 3,468 m²
also available in the following colours
technical specifications
Series design series
Embossing universal embossed
Colours 3
Dimension 22,80x151,70 cm
Content 10pcst. | 3,468 m²
Weight ca. 5178 g/m²
Thickness 2,50 mm
Thickness PU 0,55 mm
Fire classification Bfl-S1
Thermal conductivity 0,02 m² k/w
Soundreduction ca. 5 dB(A)
Floor heating yes, max 27 ºC
maintenance advice